Farewell old blog, you slow old thing!!!!

This is my official apology of absence notice. I still can’t believe I haven’t posted in sooooo long! While it seems things have been quiet on the home-front it’s been kinda the opposite for the KT clan.

We are undergoing a massive re-branding overhaul. It’s ridiculous and in great need of showing off (super soon). In fact, it’s just around the corner as we write!!! I spent a nice little chunk of the ’off-season’ traveling and shooting some weddings in the UK and Europe and not to mention sharing lots of love with happy couples in Australia, more recently.

So for now, here is my farewell highlight reel of images that I love (and mostly, not shared before). More of these weddings and other such fun things will soon feature on a new blog, a new brand…a whole new ME!!!!! It’s been 3 years so we reckon it’s about time.

L&B-00389001397240_10151983349339343_1667384603_oN&D-2727M&M-3289-B&WM&M-3368-B&WL&B-0117-2 N&D-2857N&D-1651N&D-2536N&D-24281-61441-0561N&S-1957 N&S-1701-B&WN&D-1236N&D-0388V&S-1235-B&W1-0071N&S-1659Untitled-1N&A-0996506J&D-1596 L&B-3066 re-editM&M-2345Kellytunney10 KellyTunney4-RE-EditKellyTunney1 L&W-3734L&W-3152K&T-1479 K&T-1639 K&M-1444K&M-1438 K&M-2427-B&W K&M-0934-B&WK&J-2249 K&J-1967K&B-2431K&J-1718 K&J-2570K&D-0408K&J-1820K&D-1890 K&D-1925J&L-2386K&D-1696J&J-1148-B&WJ&D-1103J&D-1411-B&WK&D-2437J&D-22561-1730 J&D-1014 J&D-0811 J&D-0883 J&D-0079 E&C-0804-B&W G&V-3786-B&WE&C-2018-B&WG&A-2080J&D-0286-B&WE&J-0308-2G&V-3833-B&WG&A-2402 G&A-0048E&C-4426C&M-2304C&M-4650E&C-0386-B&WB&N-0224-B&W501C&M-3560G&A-1926 256C&M-5445vert part2C&M-5364C&M-4937 C&M-1441C&M-1146502K&M-1243400C&M-1802G&V-5123-B&WC&M-2428 C&M-5700C&M-7444125899 102103J&D-1688505G&V-4053788B&N-1568-B&W378C&M-5132E&C-3405 402C&M-4265C&M-2287 126 127115 5303-28433-89631111093-4721


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  1. WOWSERS. I guess this is why you’re winning so many fricken gongs! These shots are gorgeous Kelly, and I have such joy in my heart at seeing so many beautiful moments so full of emotion. Thanks for the ride. :) xo

  2. all of your pictures are SO beautiful Kelly..i must say I am partial to the ones of Dani and Elliot. brings back great memories of a perfect day!
    thank you and good luck with your new blog. I think its great!

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